California Escrow Association P. D. Credits  


The Escrow Training Institute, working in conjunction with the California Escrow Association’s “Professional Designation Credits” program offers P.D. Credits for several classes!

The number of P.D. credits allowed per class is based on C.E.A. requirements, which can be found on their website:

While we have many instructors, our average instructor has 30 years of escrow experience.  All of our escrow instructors are either past or current Board Members of C.E.A., either at the Regional or State “California Escrow Association” level, including a past President.

Our class announcements will indicate which classes offer P.D.credits. These continuing education “credits” are generally given for the more advanced type of workshop (e.g. Bulk Sale, Commercial Escrow, Marketing, etc.).

For specific information, contact our office at 949-589-1460; or, email your request to


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