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Bulk Sale II w/ABC Licensing
(Aaron Lloyd & Guest Speaker, Mike Brewer (ABC Consulting Services))
April 6th 8:30 - 4:00PM

National University

Costa Mesa 
April 4th
Prorations - Balancing the File
(Donna Inman)
April 13th 8:30 - 12:00PM

National University

Costa Mesa
April 11th
Branding - Growing Your Business & Personal Brand – NEW CLASS!
(Jennifer Felten)
April 13th 8:30 - 12:00PM RE LAW Office Building-Training Room 699
Suite 215 Hampshire Rd Westlake Village, Ca 91361
April 11th
Escrow Processing
(Donna Inman)
April 20th 8:30 - 4:00PM

National University

Costa Mesa 
April 18th
DRE In-House Escrow Operations
(Summer Goralik & Guest Speaker Rose Pothier, Esq.)
April 27th 8:30 - 4:00PM

National University

Costa Mesa 
April 25th

All classes provide “take away” manuals/material and FREE after class support!!!

Bulk Sale II w/ABC Licensing
(Aaron Lloyd & Guest Speaker, Mike Brewer (ABC Consulting Services)
(Saturday, April 6th)    
Tuition: $395.00 LESS early registration/paid discount ($70.00) = $325.00

This specialty escrow class provides in-depth instruction on the Bulk Sale escrow process and is a continuation to the previously held “Bulk Sale I” class.   This class will focus on the more complex aspects of the Bulk Sale process.

Our class will also focus on Bulk Sale escrows where liquor licensing issues are part of the escrow process. Our special guest speaker will spend time for a thorough review of how to process and manage these escrows, PLUS how to effectively work with your ABC Licensing agency. He will provide extensive hand out material.

The instructor’s goal, recognizing that the very first bulk sale you may process could involve a liquor license transfer, a cash short closing, or other similar situations has developed this program to be able to spend more class time with you in developing key aspects and understanding about the bulk sale escrow.

You will learn about:

  • The different Laws that affect Bulk Sale and Liquor License escrows!
  • Recognizing “Red Flags” Early & Throughout Your Escrow!
  • Alcohol Beverage Control Tips & Nuances To Move Your Escrow Forward!
  • Processing the Real Property and Bulk Sale combo!
  • Completing the Paperwork & Different Types of Notice Requirements!
  • Processing Tax Clearances and Claims!
  • Handling the Cash Short Closing!
  • Holding funds at closing!  Release of funds!
  • And much, much more!      
You will receive an extensive and comprehensive manual of Bulk Sale escrow worksheets, hand-outs and other material to use while processing your Bulk Sale Escrows.

Location: National University Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 - 4:00

Branding – Growing Your Business & Personal Brand – NEW CLASS!
(Jennifer Felten)
(Saturday, April 13th)    
Tuition: $129.00

In this workshop, conducted by Jennifer Felten, Esq. (RE LAW APC), you will learn how everything you do connects to who you and your company are, your image and how you are perceived in the marketplace. Branding provides the competitive advantage. Learn how Jennifer built her Company through “branding”. Workshop will be conducted in West Lake Village at Jennifer Felten’s office training room.

  • What is Branding? Why Brand? Benefits?
  • Creating Customer Trust, Awareness & Attachment to You/Your Company
  • Creating a Top Client List/Prospect List and Engaging Them
  • Creating a Laser Talk/Storytelling
  • Creating and Maintaining a Professional Website
  • Monthly Marketing Plan/Public Relations & Social Media Campaigns
  • Signature Event
  • Client-Centered Office
  • Professional Image
  • Thank You System

Location: RE LAW Office Building -Training Room
699 Hampshire Rd
Suite 215

Westlake Village, CA 91361 
8:30 - 12:00

Prorations - Balancing the File
(Donna Inman)
(Saturday, April 13th)    
Tuition: $129.00

Remove your frustration in completing “manual” escrow computations! You will leave the class room with a higher level of confidence!

Always a class favorite From computing Documentary Transfer Taxes to balancing your file, you will be actively engaged in a variety of escrow related calculations, from computing interest, taxes and more! 

Using examples and case studies, supplemented with “take home”  hand-outs that can assist you back at the office, participants will put their heads down, turn on the calculator and learn the manual way to complete the calculations AND how to explain it to your customer!

Don’t forget to bring your calculator to class!

In addition to several “take away” templates, this class will focus on the following:

  • Completing the calculations
  • Understanding the Funding to Closing Process
  • Understanding how to compute “Doc Tax”
  • Recognizing important Tax dates and deadlines\
  • Correcting out of balance conditions
  • And a lot more!

Location: National University Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 - 12:00

Escrow Processing
(Donna Inman)
(Saturday, April 20th)    
Tuition: $199.00

Walk through an escrow. Learn the tips and techniques to manage the file, save time, follow up, stay organized and “on top” from start to finish!

This class offers an in-depth review of the in’s and out’s of the sale escrow and will focus on all aspects of the process. While this class compliments “Basic Escrow”, the entire class focus is on resale and is much different in content. Extensive file documentation/examples are provided to participants.

Walk through an escrow! Build your file! Fill out Private Party Payoff Demands, Title Requests, and other escrow documentation. Learn:

  • About the purpose and use of escrow related documents
  • What documents are sent to the Buyer! The Seller!
  • CFPB-TRID Timeline Requirements*
  • CFPB-TRID Disclosure Forms*
  • How to track down private parties for pay-off demands!
  • How to examine and take action on the sale escrow Prelim!! (Overview)
  • Managing the file and workflow process!
  • Establishing follow up systems to stay on track!
  • Staying organized and on top in a sometime fast and chaotic environment!

*NOTE: The CFPB-TRID information is an overview only! It is NOT a substitute for our regular half day class, which is in-depth and held separately!

Location: National University Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 - 4:00

DRE In-House Escrow Operations
(Regulatory Compliance/Best Practices)
(Summer Goralik & Guest Speaker Rose Pothier, Esq.)
(Saturday, April 27th)    
Tuition: $189.00

This class is applicable to those interested in opening an in-house escrow division as well as brokers/staff currently managing and running escrow divisions or interested in doing so!

When it comes to conducting broker-controlled escrows, regulatory compliance is not enough! Learn from a former Escrow Officer and California Bureau of Real Estate Investigator what it takes to stay compliant while implementing industry broker-controlled escrow "best practices".

This class will provide real estate brokers and others with a fundamental road map to managing their in-house escrows; avoiding common mistakes, staying out of regulatory trouble and protecting themselves from a myriad of potential liabilities.

The following topics will be covered:

  • RE Brokers operating under the Escrow Law exemption; licensing and advertising
  • Staffing and employment contracts
  • Broker supervision, "best practices" policies and procedures
  • Required disclosures (e.g., common ownership, financial benefits, fees)
  • Escrow fees; management software systems & retention of records .
  • Fidelity bonds and related insurance
  • Trust Account set-up, required records, "best practices" policies and procedures
  • California Bureau of Real Estate - prohibitive practices
  • Unlawful incentives and​ kickback schemes in the escrow industry
  • Protocols which may protect the broker from administrative, civil and/or criminal liability and much more!

Location: National University Costa Mesa               Hours: 8:30 - 4:00