Management/Leadership Workshops  
Similar to other industries, many Escrow Manager’s and Escrow Company Owners “manage” their escrow operation without any prior formal Management and Leadership training. The Escrow Training Institute recognizes the need to provide our customers with the knowledge and skills necessary to elevate their ability to “manage” and “lead” their team and organization in the future!

Our classes focus on the Escrow Manager, Escrow Officer, Company Owners and “high potential” individuals who may assume a greater role in their company, whether leading a team, several teams, and/or managing multiple locations.

Our course curriculum is designed for our attendee’s personal needs and include the following workshops:
  • Hiring Right – from Escrow Interview Skills to “On-Boarding”
  • Performance Management – Managing the Performance of Others
  • Employee Relations – Managing All Aspects of the Employee Relation, Legally
  • Leadership – Becoming an Effective Leader (It’s Different than Managing)
  • Team Building – Building Your Team for Maximum Effectiveness
  • Marketing – Building Your Market (Behind Your Desk; On the Street)
  • Managing/Supervising Survival Skills – For the New Manager/Supervisor
  • Managing the Escrow Desk – Managing the Day to Day Duties/Responsibilities
  • Managing Escrow Operations – Managing Risk; Establishing Procedures
  • Managing the Escrow Customer Experience – Managing/Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Conflict Resolution – Managing Customer and Employee Conflict
  • Leading Others – Creating Your Own “Mission, Vision and Values”
  • Escrow Finance for the Non-Finance Person – Understanding Key Business Statements
  • Trust Accounting/Bank Reconciliation – Staying On Top; Recognizing “Red Flags”

For more class information, please call our office at 949-589-1460! Your instructor has over 25 years of Management/Leadership experience that will assist you in managing and leading your escrow team to new levels of excellence!


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