How to Start Your Career In Escrow
  If you have a sincere interest in entering the exciting field of escrow services, you will be well served to consider escrow training relevant to the position you will hold.

The Escrow Training Institute has been providing escrow training for over six years, with professional instruction and material you can immediately use!

Our Company offers twenty (20) different escrow training programs, from beginning escrow to advanced classes. Early in your career, you need to focus your attention toward “core” classes that will immediately help you with your day to day escrow job!

Our recommended classes for those beginning their career in escrow include:
  • Basic Escrow – Opening to Closing the File
  • Escrow Documents & Amendments
  • Escrow Processing (Sale and/or Refinance)
  • Prorations and Balancing the File

Note: In some cases, based on prior experience or your Manager’s input, you may not need a specific class, but generally each of the above classes are critical to your success in escrow!




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