Starting Up An Escrow Company/Division
  Starting Up an Escrow Company/Division

Considering opening up an escrow company, or expanding your existing operation to add an escrow division? If yes, we can help with a variety of classes geared toward the escrow entrepreneur.

Our core classes for the escrow entrepreneur are taught by individuals who have opened and operated their own escrow company. Our lead instructor has operated in a Department of Real Estate (broker owned) and Department of Corporations (independent escrow company) status. In addition, she has experience in international escrows too!

In the past, some class participants are owners who may not have an escrow background but want to ensure they have the knowledge to successfully run their operation. These individuals usually come from the mortgage/real estate industry, but not always! Others have the escrow experience, but not necessarily experience in “starting up and running the Company”.

Our core classes for the escrow entrepreneur include the following:
  • Starting Up an Escrow Company/Division
  • Managing Escrow Operations – Risk Management/Establishing Controls
  • Trust Accounting – Legal & Processing Requirements to Manage Trust Accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation – Staying on Top of Your Bank Account/Recognizing “Red Flags”
  • Marketing – Marketing From Behind Your Desk and Outside Your Office

In addition, there are several “management/leadership” programs available. See our site for more specific class information.

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