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As California’s premier independent escrow training company, we continually respond to individuals seeking a career or career counseling in escrow.

We are now entering our eighteenth (18th) year of providing a wide variety of escrow related training (over 25 offered as of this writing) – from entry level escrow workshops to more advanced classes and have had over 13,500 class registrants!

All with Professional Instruction!


This section of our website is designed to provide the reader with information on entering the exciting and busy industry of escrow!

In California, “escrow” is a neutral third party that ensures both principals (the buyer and seller of real property) abide by the agreement (instructions) set forth in the escrow, including the accounting and disbursement of funds.

5 Key Elements To Considering Your Career In Escrow


As the economy stabilizes and grows, there will be increasing demand for escrow professionals. In fact, with projected growth it is likely that escrow will see a “shortfall” in the number of experienced escrow practitioners, opening up countless opportunities for individuals to enter the industry.

Thus, education becomes even more important as companies strive to find the “best” candidate for a given escrow position.


There are no set requirements on education to enter the escrow field. While desirable, a college education is not required.

Most individuals within escrow take responsibility for their career by enrolling in a variety of continuing education programs to advance their career and knowledge base. Knowledge is the key their success!

The Escrow Training Institute offers numerous training programs as part of an individual’s continuing education!

Real Estate, Mortgage Lending, Banking

Individuals seeking a career in escrow generally find “starting out” easier if they have some background within the real estate industry. This background provides them with a framework of the entire real estate process, which includes escrow. Thus, learning the process and escrow practices becomes easier to assimilate.

However, other skills are important too!


Experience in any industry always helps, but it isn’t always required. It depends on the position within escrow.

To be successful in escrow, certain skills are necessary. The list below certainly isn’t all inclusive but it does provide information on what skills are valued by escrow Managers and Owners.

Required/Recommended Skills include:

  • Strong Customer Focus
  • High Level of Communication Ability (Verbal and Written)
  • Extreme Integrity/Honesty
  • Ability to Multi-Task at a High Level
  • Extreme Level of Accuracy Under Time Constraints
  • Team Work
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Ability to Handle Stress/Competing Demands
  • Basic Computer Skills/Standard Office Software
  • Interest in Continuing Education and Self Improvement


Because compensation is impacted by a variety of factors (size of the company, size of the staff, office location, employment position, economy and other market conditions, etc.) it is not the intent to provide salary information here because of these and other factors. There are simply too many variables to accurately address compensation here.

However, compensation can often be lucrative, especially in “up” markets.

Depending on the company, lower level positions will generally receive a base salary and “may” also participate in a bonus plan.

Positions such as an Escrow Officer generally have a base salary, plus commissions (based on predetermined factors) and “may” participate in a company sponsored bonus plan.

Each position is unique and may differ from one Escrow Company to the next.


Through our professional staff and instruction, we are dedicated to enhancing your escrow career in the following ways:

  • Diversity of Training Programs Offered
  • Professional Instruction/Professional Trainers
  • Reputation Within the Escrow Community
  • Support With The California Escrow Association (CEA)
  • Networking/Sharing of Ideas

Most escrow instructors are either current or past Board Members of their respective Escrow Association, including 3 Past Presidents of the state of California Escrow Association (C.E.A.). Individually, most instructors have thirty (30) plus years in escrow, bringing a wealth of knowledge to their respective classes!

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