If your escrow Company is a leader, or wishes to lead the industry in taking their company beyond the norm of a traditional company, consider our Consulting Services in taking you to the next level.

Our extensive experience (Fortune 500 Financial Services giant to Paragon Decision Resources and SMS), can help you meet and exceed your operational objectives, improve employee morale and team building, and enhance your overall customer service resulting in greater customer loyalty and referral business.

Contact us for a “no-cost” initial discussion of your needs and what you wish to accomplish! We look forward to hearing from you!

Offering the following services:

  1. HR Consulting (excluding benefits/payroll)
  2. Strategic Planning/Business Planning
  3. Mission/Vision/Values Creation
  4. Employee Surveys/Organizational Assessment
  5. Employee Relations Training/Counseling
  6. Policy/Procedure Manual Development
  7. Performance Management Systems
  8. Team Building
  9. Customer Service
  10. Custom Workshops/Consulting Needs

Offering includes In-House training and consulting services; or by phone/email. Call (949 589-1460 for details).

HR Consulting Services
What You Will Receive

  • Partnering with Company Management on HR/Strategic Initiatives
  • Employee Relations Counseling (Fee Based)
  • Consulting Services (General to Specific)
  • Organizational Assessment/Situation Analysis
  • Strategic/Business Planning (consulting and/or training)
  • Policy/Procedure Manual Development
  • Employee Survey & Results Analysis

Strategic Planning/Business Planning
What You Will Receive

  • Situation Analysis
  • Organizational Assessment Analysis
    – Staff Interviews and/or Survey
    – Management Interviews
    – Senior Management/Owner Interviews
  • “As Is” – “Should Be” Analysis
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Mission/Vision/Values Creation (Optional)
  • Managing the Strategic Planning Process (Tips)
  • Core Business/Personal Strategy Development
  • Communicating the Plan (Pre/During/Post) Strategy

Mission/Vision/Values Creation 
What You Will Receive

  • Establishment of Company Mission and Vision Statements
  • Establishment Values Statements That Guide the Organization
  • Linkage to Operational Plans; Strategic Initiatives; Marketing Material; Hiring; Company Branding and Policy & Procedure
  • Development of Implementation/Communication Strategy
  • Implementation/Energizing Workforce Through Employee Involvement
  • Tools to Manage/Champion the Process
  • Development of Industry “Best Practices” (optional)
  • Tips & Techniques t Sustain the Effort/Maximize Results

Employee Surveys/Organizational Assessment 
What You Will Receive – Employee Surveys

  • Development of a Custom Survey that Aligns with Organizational Needs/Operational Objectives
  • Development of a “Positioning” Strategy with Senior Management/Company Ownership
  • Managing Distribution of Survey as a Third Party
  • Managing the Tabulation of Results
  • Analyzing Result Findings (Report)
  • Providing a Narrative (Verbal/Written) Explanation For Management – What Survey Says
  • Assistance in the Publication of Survey Results
  • Development of Communication Plan to Share Results

What You Will Receive – Organizational Assessment

  • Defining Organizational Alignment (What Needs To Be Done)
  • Conducting Situational Analysis (Where We Are Now)
  • Conducting a GAP Analysis (Shortcomings; How Do We Get There)
  • Defining Organizational Needs (Now and in the Future)
  • Identifying Organizational Barriers To Success
  • Managing Employee Involvement in the Process
  • Developing Action Plans For Achieving Results
  • Creating Follow Up Mechanism to Stay On Course
  • Development of Communication Plan

Employee Relations Training/Counseling
What You Will Receive

  • Employee Relations Training For Managers/Owner
    – ½ day Training Sessions – Your Location or Ours
  • Employee Relations Consulting/Counseling – Case by Case Basis
  • Conducting Investigations “How To” Tips & Techniques (You Do)
  • Investigation of Specific Incident(s) – (We Do)
  • Assistance in Managing Difficult Employee Relations Issues
  • Documenting Employee Performance – Using Progressive Discipline
  • Insulating Self/Company from Employee Claims
  • Responding to Employee Allegations
  • Assistance in Drafting Written Notices/Termination Notices to Staff
  • Managing the Termination Process

Policy/Procedure Manual Development
What You Will Receive

  • Assistance in Defining Organizational Needs (Manual Style)
  • Identification of “Must Have” Topics
  • Meeting With Management on Current Company Policies Written & Unwritten
  • Development of Written Company Policy/Procedures
  • Work Progress Review Meetings
  • Development of Final Manual
  • Company Logo Integration
  • Company Forms Manual Integration (Optional)
  • Policy & Procedure Manual Printing (Optional)

Performance Management Systems
What You Will Receive

  • On/Off Site Company Only Training or Integration within Regular Class (Open to All) Course Offering
  • Tools for Coaching/Improving Employee Productivity
  • Tools for Employee Retention
  • Tools for Employee Career Development
  • Tips on Team Building Through Performance Management
  • Implementation of a Formal Performance Management System
    – Coaching Employee Performance
    – Goal Setting to Meet Personal/Business Objectives
    – Performance Appraisal Implementation/Refinement
  • Tips & Techniques for Managing Employee Deviations
  • Creation of “Standards of Performance”
  • Linking Performance To Company Objectives & Business Results
  • Development of a Communication Plan (Introduction)
  • Improved Communication Between Staff/Management

Team Building
What You Will Receive

  • Team Needs Analysis & Situational Analysis
    – Where Team is Now (What is going well; What needs to Improve)
    – Where Team Needs to Be (Future)
  • Team Building Training Workshop
  • Team Building “Tips” and Techniques
  • Team Building Group Exercises & Debriefing
  • Personal Style Assessments (ex. DISC Model; other)
  • Use of Brainstorming/Process Improvement Initiatives
  • Understanding Intrapreneurial Spirit and How It Can Enhance Team Work, Customer Service and Business Results
  • Understanding and Implementation of a “One Team, One Focus” Philosophy and How To Get There

NOTE: Team Building Training Sessions and/or Consulting Services can be customized, based on the needs of the organization, team’s objectives, group dynamics, corporate culture, business needs and other variables.

Each in-tact team faces different issues/challenges. Programs generally need to be tailored to the specific needs of the team and of the organization.

Off site team building sessions can be conducted (optional).

Customer Service
What You Will Receive

  • Professional In-House (Your Site or Ours) Customer Service training that focuses on the Escrow Customer
  • Customer Service Consulting Service
  • Understanding of Life Time Value of Customer
  • Linkage to Company Mission/Vision/Values and Marketing Strategy
  • Linkage to Business/Strategic Plan
  • Tools to Use to Enhance Customer Service
  • Tools to Manage Customer Complaints and Tough Requests
  • Changing The Corporate Culture/Mentality From “Processing Escrows” to “Managing the Customer Experience”
  • “Tips” on Ensuring The Customer is Number One (from Management Meetings to Performance Reviews, Hiring Practices and Forms Design)
  • Facilitation “Tips” for In-House Group Customer Service Improvement Meetings


Custom Workshops/Consulting Needs
Because of the nature of customer work, please call our office to discuss your plans further. We can then assess your needs and provide you with the appropriate feedback relative to your request(s).

Call 949- 589-1460

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