The following is a list of class reviews we have received over the years from past satisfied students.
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A.I.T.D./Assumptions/Subject to Transactions

“High quality, professional manual that supports the class instruction.”

“Exceptional speaker. Very knowledgeable and takes time to explain his learning points!”

“Excellent speaker.”

Basic Escrow – Opening to Closing The File

“This class provided sooooo much information. She explained everything in a way that was understandable.”

“She taught in a way I could truly comprehend.”

“Very thorough and shared her years of experience. Would love another class with her.”

“Excellent instructor. I have learned so much!”

“Instructor did an excellent job in keeping material relevant to this beginning class.”

“She was amazing. She went over everything with excellent detail.”

“He was excellent! Made it a very interesting class! I will be taking more classes! He is awesome.”

“First time taking a class. I really liked how instructor explained everything.”

“Thank you very much. Very much enjoyed the class. I feel confident to OWN my career choice. I value an honest opinion and integrity is huge.”

“Really enjoyed it. Felt like I learned even more that I already did. Aaron (instructor) is very knowledgeable.”

“Marvina is awesome! Very knowledgeable and easy to understand. Learned a ton!”

“Larry, I’m just blown away from everything I learned yesterday… not just about business, but personal as well. I’m so excited about my new journey.. Thank You so much… You will be seeing a lot of me…”

“Awesome experience!”

“Instructor kept my interest 100% of the time. His passion for his career is eye-opening and inspiring!”

“It was great to hear from someone (Aaron) who understands the job and was passionate about the work!”

“Great instructor. Kept my attention. I learned a lot. Has a good and non-intimidating energy.”

“Very much enjoyed all speakers and instructor. Learning material was great. Class completely eye opener and confirmation that I am in the correct path as far as a career wise.”

“I felt I received a great basic outline of how escrow works.”

“I would like to take more classes to learn more. Made things clear to understand the escrow process.”

“Awesome! I love Marvina’s thorough review of the process and her expertise”

“Very knowledgeable instructor, great personality too!”

“Marvina is the best. She is totally relatable…..makes learning about escrow a joyous experience”

“I love this teacher. She is awesome, interesting, well qualified and has an excellent personality.”

100% of class respondents indicated they would recommend this class to others!

Bulk Sale I & II

Comments are taken from both Bulk Sale classes

“Our class last week was beyond helpful”

“Fantastic! This is my first insight into Buk Escrows. With no inkling of any know how, walking out smiling!”

“Aaron is always amazing!”

“Class was interesting and real life stories made info easier to understand.”

“Aaron is very engaging and made the class extremely interesting!”

“A great presentation from both instructors!”

“Aaron has a great speaking ability and makes learning about Bulk Sales interesting and enjoyable. Truly enjoyed this class!”

“I was learning so much and it was so interesting that I didn’t want to stop. I need to take (other classes) and learn more!”

“Aaron was excellent!”

“Thanks for your time and work. Excellent class!”

“Awesome class!”

“Aaron was amazing. Looking forward to the Bulk Sale II & III classes!”

“Very professional and comfortable to discuss openly. Very sweet person and a great teacher.”

“Tina is great! Looking forward to Bulk Sale II.”

“I want to attend the next class (Bulk Sale II)”

“Thank you so much! I was sure you (instructor) said that in our class, but agent was insisting it could be done”
Agent was wrong in what he was trying to get done. Attendee (from class) was confident because she attended the class and knew better.

“Very informative. Tina is amazing!”

“So helpful. She is GREAT!!!”

“I came to class as a refresher and it was very good –“

“That was a great class and being able to ask questions is so very helpful to those of us working Bulk Escrows.”

“Love the take sheet/checklists (steps in transaction are included). This helps a lot!”

“I came to class with expectation would be long and boring. I very much enjoyed the class. Great instructor.”

“Great material. Instructor was exceptional.”

“Very informative. Perfect for the class. A lot of useful information. It was a pleasure.”

“Please schedule Bulk Sale II soon!”

“Great class! Tina was great. I enjoyed that the class was small and intimate enough that we could have special open discussions & all bring something to the table.”

“Tina was great!”

This class was great! Tina was wonderful! Mike was very informative and entertaining!”

“Thank you for ALL the information. Great class & I have a much better understanding of the …..process!”

“Tina and Mike were very engaging and informative.”

100% of class respondents indicated they would recommend this class to others!

CFPB – Managing Change-Integrated Disclosures

“Excellent speaker & presentation with awesome materials!”

“Great course – all escrow, loan brokers, lenders and real estate personnel should attend this class.”

“Highly educational! Something everyone in the industry needs to know.”

“Classes (here) are always informative and to the point. Mickey was awesome!!”

“Great classs. Every escrow professional needs to take this course. Very valuable info presented.”

“Mickey’s awesome!!” (several comments used the word “awesome”)

“We love Mickey!”

“Soap box stories are perfect for real world scenarios……………!”

“Mickey Vandenberg gave an excellent presentation. She delivered a serious topic with great knowledge and a flair for humor.”

“As confusing as this (the new changes) will be – today’s class helped get my thoughts together for August 1st”

“Thanks for providing these classes. Mickey is awesome………..Larry too!”

Commercial Escrow I & II

Comments are taken from both Commercial Escrow classes

“Very much enjoyed Dennis’s teaching style.”


“Great class. Picked up some things I can really put to work Monday morning.”

“Great instructor he knows what he is doing. Very engaging, not boring (nice it is a long class)”

“Very informative – useful information for all types of escrow, not just commercial”

“Good intro to commercial – well informed instructor.”

“Instructor was very knowledgeable.”

“Dennis is extremely knowledgeable in this field. Great teacher! Very organized and patient.”

“I have been in escrow for awhile and am always interested in learning more. Dennis provided insight into a vast amount of common day occurrences.

“Great class! Great participation!”

“Very interesting class!”

“Excellent material and very informative instructor. Covered material & real life experiences.”

“Instructors explanation of items was easily understood.”

“Nice to have so many phrase (Manual) examples to use. Very knowledgeable”

“A lot of information. I was trying to get as much as possible!”

“Class was very good, very informative.”

100% of class respondents indicated they would recommend this class to others!

Escheating Funds

“Let me know when you hold this class again. There are others I would like to have attend.”

“This was an excellent class. It was very informative and taught clearly and thoroughly.”

“I was impressed!”

“Great instructor.”

“Excellent teach and communicator.”

“Great instructor, clarified some confusion I was having.”

“He is certainly passionate about his subject matter.”

100% of class respondents indicated they would recommend this class to others!

Escrow Business Forum

“Great as always! More, more, more!”

“Wonderful speakers – every one addressed an important dimension.”

“All speakers were excellent! Very informative. Thank you for the support”

Escrow Documents & Amendments

“Love Marvina, her teaching style. So clear and not over simplified.”

“She brought great personality which made the class go faster & more enjoyable.”

“Very knowledgeable instructor, patient and clear with explanations. Left class with better understanding.”

“Now I understand Prorations. This class is excellent.”

“Love hand outs. Love Larry!!!”

“Dennell is an excellent teacher.”

“Excellent presentation!!”

“Could have gone longer.”

“That (class) was great!!”

“Gave me great examples to help me understand more about escrow.”

“Excellent as usual!”

“Would like to see (even more) examples of Amendments. Would recommend the class!”

“I love these classes! Thank you”

“Thanks so much for another great day.”

“Great class. Very informative”

“This class was extremely helpful”

“Love instructor! Makes class very interesting and keeps everyone involved.”

“Her knowledge and expertise is extremely helpful”’

“Gave great examples. Answered questions, explaining everything and clearly”

“Every employee of every escrow/title should be required to attend”

“Made it worthwhile. Very informative”

“Very pleased”

100% of class respondents indicated they would recommend this class to others!

Escrow Fraud (Preventing)

“Always great information.”

“Exceptional Instructor. Very knowledgeable.”

100% of class respondents indicated they would recommend this class to others!

Escrow Marketing

“It was an eye opener! Never thought about Social media to develop our business. Exceptional class too!”

“Larry, it was great – loved the energy and useful tips. The four of us are meeting with the President to discuss what we learned.”

“Thanks Escrow Training Institute.”

“I finally wrote my “elevator speech” (class exercise)”

“Definitely would recommend (to others).”

“Very motivating.”

“Nice to have a panel of experts. It would be nice to have back to back , like a Friday and Saturday (to make class even more in depth).”

“(class length) – Actually perfect, but so much to cover.”

“Make it 2 part to cover social media.”

Escrow Performance Management

“Excellent class! Thank you 1,000,000%”

“Class is GREAT! Great to get different insight from different (escrow) managers and supervisors.”

“The class strengthened my current knowledge and gave me insight into some additional tools.”

“Instructor obviously has a lot of knowledge and experience in this area!”

“Excellent as always!”

100% of class respondents indicated they would recommend this class to others!

Escrow Processing

“Excellent class! Awesome teacher!”

“Class was amazing! The instructor was so informative and explained every escrow tab down to a “T”.”

“I have only been an assistant for 6 months. In the few hours of this class, I learned a lot and will be back for more classes.”

“Your style of teaching is a very relaxing, informing and educating on the escrow process. Great sense of humor”

“Aaron Lloyd is a great instructor” “I came in knowing nothing. Class was still easy to follow and I learned a lot.”

“Wonderful teacher! We not only learned facts but great tips for our job skills.”

“Very knowledgeable about every aspect of escrow. An A ++ (for teaching)”

“Very good teaching skills with a polite teaching style and coverage. I’m very happy that I learned topics I can incorporate into my work field.”

“Loved the class! Instructor was very knowledgeable and delivered the info clearly & easy to understand”

“My favorite Marvina class so far!”

“Instructor was great and very knowledgeable!”

“…..a great class for those new to the field. I especially liked the detail of the contract.”

“Marvina was excellent. She did a great job I explaining the material in full details. She makes the class very interesting. Loved her stories.”

“Awesome class!”

100% of class respondents indicate they would recommend this class to others!


“Larry, you were absolutely great today!! Being that it is Saturday, I very much felt it was worth it to be here!”

“Love, Michael Haas.”

“Michael is awesome!!!”

“Very informative. Michael was engaging.”

“Made the class interesting. Took away a ton of great information”

“This class is a MUST! Michael was great. Thanks, so much!”

FIRST CLASS – Maximizing the Customer Experience

“Larry, you were absolutely great today!! Being that it is Saturday, I very much felt it was worth it to be here!”

“Thank you for all your knowledge to help my company build into an exceptional company!”

“Larry was great and extremely helpful!”

“Thank you for taking the time to help us!”

“This class is really helpful to be a better escrow officer!”

“As a former teacher for more than 20 years, I want to tell you that your class teaching technique was truly exceptional. I enjoyed every moment.”

“A very fun class! Exceeded my expectations!”

“Awesome class! I’m ready to start practicing what I have learned.”

“A very informative and fun class. I appreciate the techniques, tools and interactive format. I am excited to use the tools you have provided.”

“I enjoyed Larry’s easy-going, non-invasive presentation style…….good team building experience as well.”

“Very informative and an avenue to either learn new things or refresh what you already know.”

“Excellent presentation! Very good on providing tips to giving stellar customer service.”
“Instructor was great!!!”

“Highly recommend this class!”

“….wish the class was longer!”

“I enjoyed it and benefited much more than I thought I would.”

“This workshop gave great tips on how to professionally handle various situations that arise in everyday business situations. Class was “GREAT!!!”

“Thank you for the activities that bring everyone together.”

“Class was interesting………never a dull moment!”

“Appreciate the (customer service) Manual and all the “tools” within.”

“Time flew by because it was so much fun!” “(Instructor) is very, very knowledgeable.”

Foreclosures, Short Sales and more!

Pending comments update

HUD Rules and Regulations

“Awesome! Thanks. After being out of escrow for 5 years, I’m ready now!!”

“Marvina is great. I wish she was MY escrow officer! Always learn a lot from her class”

“Trainer was very knowledgeable and kept the class interesting. I would like to take other classes from Marvina. Great class!”

“Great information, keeping us involved interested an that made everyone feel comfortable to ask and share”.

“Fantastic class and great materials.”

“I LOVED it! Everyone should take this class.”

“I enjoyed the very thorough information provided by Marvina (instructor)”

100% of EVERY class respondents indicate they would recommend this class to others!

Intro to Holding Escrow

“Very impressive in content, presentation and usefulness!”

“Aaron was awesome!”

“Very informative class. Glad I came. Excellent coverage of material.”

“The class was very informative and leads you to want to take the subsequent class.”

“Very good speaker. – very clear and knowledgeable. Entertaining too”

“Aaron rocks! Great material, great information”

100% of class participants would recommend this workshop to others.

Lender’s Instructions

“This was a fun and informative class”

“One of the best classes. I’m an Aaron follower.”

“Aaron Lloyd is an excellent and dynamic speaker. Thanks, ETI!”

“As always, Aaron is a great instructor.”

“Great speaker! I will have all of my assistants attend his next class.”

“Aaron brought in humor and seriousness in a blended informative class. Well done!”

“Excellent! On point and kept it interesting……..bravo!”

“Aaron was super!” “Great class. Very engaging speaker and displayed extensive knowledge on the subject.”

“Really enjoyed the samples to take home”.

“Should have brought my assistant.”

“I’d like my assistants to attend this class.” “A wealth of knowledge!! A ++++”

“I highly recommend he teaches these classes more often.”

“Great class! Great tips! Stamp is something I’m going to implement in my office.”

“It was a great learning experience! Great instructor- Dennell!”

“The class helped me reaffirm the importance of slowing down to read instructions… I will skim much quicker now and pay attention to what catches my eye.”

“She is very specific on the answers & explanation on the answers to our questions. Very professional.”

Managing Escrow Operations

“Great class! Would benefit from more discussion about day to day aspects of managing an escrow company.”

“Marvina is super. Your materials excellent!”

“I enjoyed the class very much”

100% of class respondents indicate they would recommend this class to others!

Marketing and Sales for the Escrow Professional

“I really enjoyed the class and look forward to using this information to build my business.”

“Patty was pleasant, which made it easy for all to interact. Especially me!”

“Excellent as always”

“Fun and helpful!”

“Great speaker”

“Liked the interaction and sharing of ideas with other companies and Patty”

“Instructor knows her stuff. Relates well with her audience”

100% of class respondents indicate they would recommend this class to others!

Mobile/Manufactured Homes

“Excellent as always”

“Debbi is amazing”

“Great class! Trainer is super knowledgeable”

“Excellent. Long, but a lot of stuff to cover”

“Debbi shared her knowledge and answered everyone’s questions so that everyone understood.”

“She made Manufactured Home lingo make sense.”

“Time when by quickly. Made the subject clear.”

“Debbi made the class very entertaining and informative.”

“Ms Faber was an outstanding presenter.”

“The class offered a wealth of information”

“Awesome class!”

“Excellent! Thank you so much!”

“Very informative”

100% of class respondents indicate they would recommend this class to others!

Notes and Deeds

“Great job! I’m impressed……I have known escrow officers who have 30+ years experience and don’t know as much as you do”

“Excellent speaker.”

“Aaron is awesome!”

“Instructor has ability to connect with his audience through humor and knowledge. Extremely talented.”

“Manual material is probably the best there is in all of California escrow. Publisher quality”

“Knows his stuff! Excellent instructor!”

Outlook and Excel for Escrow

Future class!

Prorations, Balancing, Funding and Closing

“Great class! Prorations has always been a weakness. This helped clear and reassure my uncertainty. The “cheat sheet” is awesome!!”

“Very friendly and positive, understanding I was new. She broke everything down for me!”

“Dennell is very knowledgeable and keeps the class fun!” “Too short (we needed a longer class- more time)”

“I came expressly for what I call the “prorations” formulas and I am pleased to finally have it.”

“I love the interactive activity involved. Hands-on really helps the subject matter be retained in my head.”

“Been to two classes and have enjoyed both! So informative! Look forward to coming to more!”

Personal Property Escrow I & II

“I loved it!”

“Very informative class; probably better split into more classes since there is so much information…..”

“There was a lot of information and Aaron kept everything interesting. His personal experiences that he shared with us was helpful in understanding the different dynamics.”

Jump Start

“Awesome! WOOHOO!”

“Glad there were two of us (both owners) so we can go back to our company as a team”

“Interesting! I will implement some of these ideas!”

100% of attendees would recommend this class to others!

Refinance Escrow Processing

This class material has been revised and updated. Attendee comments will follow.

Building a Team/Managing Performance

“Excellent, as always!”

“Great to get different insight from different escrow managers/supervisors”

“Great class!”’

“I will be back!!”

“Excellent class. Thank you + 1,000,000 (times)!”

“Class strengthened my current knowledge and gave me insight into some additional tools.”

100% of attendees would recommend this class to others!


Out of approximately 800+ class evaluations, ALL but one indicated they would recommend this class to others!

“Certainly worth the time on a Saturday. Enjoyed the class.”

“Great class, Mickey was a great instructor.”

“Great class! Just what I needed.”

“Very good pace. Always interesting and relevant information.”

“Very informative.”

“ Appreciated the additional information to obtain online support for questions “

“I like we can ask questions as we go….everyone was engaged.”

“Top notch information provided in this class. Excellent instructor”

“An amazing job!”

“Mickey is an exceptional speaker adding facts with direct connection to being an escrow officer.”


“Mickey did an incredible job in answering our questions!”

Trust Accounting/Escheating/Bank Reconciliation

“Best Practices and fraud section were very well organized with supporting material, text and real life stories. This is why I came and am glad I did.”

“Great class – topic variation was excellent.”

“The information regarding the best practices exceeded my expectations.”

“This class was exceptional. It made the task of escheating less “scary” and less overwhelming. Appreciative it!”

“Great class, as always!”

“Chris was knowledgeable, friendly and an overall GREAT instructor. I highly recommend this course for all escrow professional & especially owners/managers.”

“Great class! Looking forward to other classes that will help escrow companies. Thanks!”

“Great information. Thank you!”

“Best instructor I have had so far. I had never experienced a passion for Trust Accounting until today. It’s so fun & simple with the guidelines and advice.”

100% of class respondents indicated they would recommend this class to others!

Understanding the C.A.R. Contract

“Super helpful class! I love the binder and notes. This should serve me well as a reference!”

“I am inspired by your passion and knowledge.”

“Great class. Made it real interesting and very knowledgeable.”

“Very helpful. Thank you!’ “Great material and Aaron’s presentation —–“

“Have always found Aaron to be a great instructor! Enjoy his classes!”

“Again, Aaron displayed great knowledge of the subject matter.”

“Class was engaging and informative.”

“I would definitely recommend this class to others”.

“I enjoyed the class. The time just flowed, very interesting. Learned a great deal. Good tips. Loved the stories.”

“Excellent as usual. Interesting and Fun!”

“Class was very informative & entertaining. Aaron is very engaging & entertaining with a wealth of information and knowledge.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this class and his teaching method.”

“Aaron was awesome! Extremely knowledgeable in his field – GREAT class!”

“Informative and entertaining.”

“Instructor – great energy, very informati18″>ve.”

“Best teacher/instructor (Aaron) I have had for a class! Great! Great!”

“Aaron was an amazing speaker. Loved his knowledge of escrow and the new CAR (contract/form). Not boring at all. Great personality!”

“Awesome as usual.”

“Very knowledgeable & professional. Great teacher, pleasant personality.”

“Learned a ton of things I didn’t know.”

“The class was excellent, as always. He (Aaron Lloyd) is an amazing teacher.”

“Very presentable with information and knowledge.”

“A well spoken instructor. Excellent information.”

“Great class!”

“Class is great! Finally know what escrow needs to have…….understand escrow’s duties & responsibilities more in depth now.

“Really appreciated being open to taking questions and going over scenarios.”

100% of class respondents indicated they would recommend this class to others!

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